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How to Write a Good Newsletter (with Sample Newsletters)

However, by going for more than one screen size, you wont be tempted to save on space by using small and illegible fonts. 6) Whats best? Html or plain text? The answer to this question depends partly on what format your contacts receive messages in.

9) How can you generate content? So you have a beautifully-designed, on-brand newsletter ready to go out to thousands of eager customers. Where can you now get inspiration from to ensure you meet the needs of your customers and ensure they remain interested?

Whats your brand personality and look? What niche or industry is your business in? Do you want your newsletter to be informal or serious? Would you like it to be sales-like or more educational? You wouldnt want your newspaper delivery to come late on Sunday morning, would you? Same goes for your newsletter. Be consistent with the recurrence and timing for when you send. Your subscribers will become used to the schedule and come to expect itreally engaged subscribers might even proactively look for the email when they know it typically arrives. Ask around ask key customers and suppliers what content they would like to see. Ask for feedback and content suggestions when you are networking. Look at other newsletters you receive what do you like and dislike about these? One email list in OptinMonster can have multiple segments and optin forms. You dont have to assume what your customers are interested in. Instead, you can base your customer personas on actual information: how a user interacted with your site, which pages they visited and what incentivized them to sign up for your email list.

So make the benefits obvious for example, will it help someone to save money, be able to do something they previously couldnt or make money? Include a hook within the benefits. When you say Please share this, your fans often will. For example, you can include a piece of content (such as an article, or social post) and tell your fans Share this if you agree.