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I majored in Accounting at Good University in country, a school with a reputation for excellence in terms of its business programs. Although the rigorous academic environment presented certain challenges, I achieved a great deal and built a strong foundation of knowledge and experience.

Following this experience, I began a job search that lasted three months and spanned fourteen companies. I spoke with many different levels of staff and pored over all available information, finally deciding to take a position with another consulting firm that better fit my interests and desired career. I believe that further study in the UK is an important first step on the path to my career goals. I believe the UK is the ideal setting for refining my expertise in Accounting and Management while also acquiring a broader, international viewpoint. I was therefore dismayed to find, upon completing my first architecture course, that my grade was based entirely on the artistic quality of my work. Having never received such a low mark, I consulted my professor, who straightforwardly informed me that she did not believe I had a future as an architect. After graduating from GU, I continued my further studies in Excellent Academys Language Training Center, where I have been honing my English skills in preparation for studying in the UK. I am currently studying in the Foundation programme at the University of England, where I have gained considerable knowledge of fundamental business concepts. When the case finished, I expected to finally begin my envisioned role as an accounting and financial consultant. Since I had done so well in my previous function, however, my managers suggested that I be placed on additional litigation assignments; I could feel the proverbial pigeonhole begin to tighten.

During my time at Good University, I developed my analytical skills and learned to communicate with others effectively. I believe that my experience at this school has prepared me well for the demands of studying in the UK.