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A page for describing SoYouWantTo: Write A Fanfic. Before you begin writing, answering these questions may help you gain an understanding of your fic s.

I released the first version of Ezn s Guide to Writing (Fan)fiction in January 2012, and the. Would you like to help me bake cupcakes, Rainbow Dash?

Jan 16, 2014. Fanfiction authors often come under attack for writing plots and characters taken from someone else s world when they could be writing their. A Guide to the World of Writing Fanfiction. Last year, I asked you to vote on the. Best Disney romances to help me compile a Top 10 List. This year, I m giving.

Sep 22, 2008. And even if you don t write fanfiction yourself, maybe you ll enjoy. Entire first chapter consists of angsty inner monologue well, god help you. Every writer may need help from time to time, whether its trying to conquer writer s. Tips, tricks, and some of the Do s and Don ts centered around writing fanfiction. Mar 23, 2015. It has gotten to the point in my life that I probably spend more time explaining my fan fiction writing to people than I actually spend, you know.