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The Homework helpers are primarily students, and communication with the pupils takes place via both chat and web camera/microphone. When homework helpers in Home-work Online sit down in front of their PC and open up homework help at 5 oclock each evening from Sunday to Thursday just a few seconds pass before the pupils clock in and begin to queue. Volunteers are motivated in different ways: Some want a precise and defined task, while others get their motivation from developing personally by gaining influence and responsibility. Homework Online must therefore be able to include great diversity among the homework helpers: CV-grubbers, idealists, innovation seekers, fellowship seekers etc.

They should be willing to do revisions on the homework, if necessary, at no charge to you. They are available at all hours of the day or night so that it fits in with your schedule.

In its present form Homework Online has offered help with homework since the beginning of 2010. The project period has just been prolonged for a 3-year period. The funding of about DK 2.5 mil. The homework helpers, the homework helpers are gathered together in a call centre at the State and University Library in Aarhus. Most of them are volunteers, recruited among the students who use the State and University Library. Ann Poulsen, senior Adviser, danish Agency for Culture apo AT, translated by Vibeke Cranfield, senior Consultant, Danish Agency for Culture apo AT. Facts about Homework Online, target group and subjects: The primary target group is children and young people in 6.-10. Good homework help is within the reach of almost every student.

Look for their contact information on their website. Names and phone numbers should be easily visible. Its a sign they probably arent trying to rip you off. Their identity should be disclosed.