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Car Accident - Tiny Lights: A Journal of Personal Narrative - Flash in

She helped me through some tough times when I was having a lot of doubt about my faith. I was so honored that I had the chance of getting to know her and now, I would never get the chance to tell her how I felt and how much she helped me. I had spent the day at my friends house, and now I was on my way home. I was almost home, I just had to turn onto the gravel road to get to my house.

Jamie wanted to make the situation as normal as possible for them. It was decided that I had to go back to Paonia. Deep down I was mad about it and ashamed of my self for feeling that way. To my complete horror I was wrong. My mom kept saying "I've got to go see Dawn. I need to be with my sister" My mom ran down stairs to get ready to go, I followed her and just stood there, still paralyzed. I just had this blank look on my face. I had no reaction at first and I wanted to deny it, all of it. I kept saying to myself, no it isn't true, they made a mistake. The ride home was very quiet. The little kids were asleep and Kyle and Kayla just stared into space. That evening, Aunt Dawn and Jamie flew to Texas to make further arrangements. It was a gorgeous June afternoon, and summer had just begun. I had just received my license, and I could not wait to go cruising in my parents new yellow Ford Expedition.