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Did you know Schmidt supplies most of the industry with their pen refills, which are in turn packaged and resold under other brand names for higher prices? At Lanier, you get the best, for less. Whether you want to coordinate its color or style with a special place or need an engraved memento of an important occasion, we have a unique selection you won't find anywhere else. We recognize that all of this is a struggle. We know or realize that where to begin our writing is difficult. Indeed all writing - our beginnings, our middles, our endings, our structuring, our attempts to be as clear, direct, and simple as our subject allows - is problematic.

From Our Desk To Yours! Specializing in hand-turned writing instruments and custom crafted desk bases hewn from a variety of domestic and exotic woods reflecting military pride, recognition, and achievement, from Our Desk To Yours! All Lanier Pens are handcrafted by our skilled wood-turners, who follow our specialized production processes that bring out the natural beauty of wood grains giving our custom wood pens a deep, rich ultra-sheen. Check out the. Schmidt 888s too. Promotional Pens: Elegant and One of a Kind, commemorate a special event for your staff or colleagues with a gift they'll use frequently and remember always: a handcrafted pen from Lanier. To provide the best essay help, we proofread and scan for plagiarism before every delivery. Our clients are our assets and our writing team tries to provide the best available essay writing help to gain the best marks from your teacher.

We are the ones who do the data collection, data constructing, observing, focusing, and choosing to form the sentences we hope will convince others we have something useful to say about important issues or problems.