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Cookie-cutter rйsumйs - those written from templates - surface on employer's desks every day. The pre-packaged words and phrases on such rйsumйs are used most often by big, national rйsumй-writing firms - mills that crank out rйsumйs faster than you can apply for ten jobs online. M, CareerBuilder and HotJobs became the big career-industry rackets: They rack up huge revenues and profits, while their success rates hover under 5. Job hunters and employers get fleeced daily, paying lots of cash for "platinum-level" services and "higher rankings" for your rйsumйs and jobs. And worth the effort. If you're going to get help, however, make sure you get good help. There are many skilled, credible rйsumй writers who will treat you and your career with respect and care.

Well, a roomful of monkeys that critique your rйsumй by copying and pasting pre-written comments into an e-mail. These are special monkeys that are very good at making you feel very nervous about the quality of your rйsumй.

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And you've received seemingly-personal, detailed critiques. My challenge to you is this: Read through the crib sheet below and then check the critique you were given. Do you find the same comments and phrases?

Fortunately, Monster has a vast network of recruiters to connect with. The My Resume Agent sends your resume to influential recruiters in your industry to help ensure you're seen by the right employers.