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Moreover, a well-designed study that actually measured blood flow has found no increase. The study involved 12 healthy volunteers who were exposed to either a 1000-gauss magnetic disk or an identically appearing disk that was not magnetic. In 1999, the FTC obtained a consent agreement barring two companies from making unsubstantiated claims about their magnetic products. Magnetic Therapeutic Technologies, of Irving, Texas, is barred from claiming that its magnetic sleep pads or other products: (a) are effective against cancers, diabetic ulcers, arthritis, degenerative joint conditions, or high blood pressure; (b) could stabilize or increase the T-cell count. We have used herbs in our everyday lives, in medicine and in cookery, since time immemorial. Herbs have been nature's pharmacy for thousands of year and a renewed interest in all forms of alternative medicine has led consumers, health care providers, and drug researchers to re-examine herbal remedies. By breaking the data into subgroups, the authors were able to declare that certain ones were significant. However, with many endpoints and widely scattered data, differences between some endpoints are likely to occur by chance alone. This guide to herbs and their uses has been designed to allow everyone access to the age old lore of herbs, their history, their cultivation and their many uses. It includes the full text of Culpeper's Complete Herbal from 1814, which, believe it or not, was rescued by my mother from a bonfire, a little the worse for wear, but. However, they noted that despite statistical improvement in pain and quality-of-life scores, there was only "modest clinical benefit." There are also good reasons to challenge the statistical analysis that underlies their conclusions: The main outcome table listed 4 sets of average group measurements taken at one-month intervals, which produced 20 possible endpoints.

In 1997, the FDA had warned Magnetherapy to stop claiming that its products would relieve arthritis; tennis elbow; low back pain; sciatica; migraine headache; muscle soreness; neck, knee, ankle, and shoulder pain; heel spurs; bunions; arthritic fingers and toes; and could reduce pain and inflammation in the affected areas by increasing blood and oxygen flow 10.