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"Jean". 1888 Braunstein Freres. "ZIG ZAG". 1890 Nachmann Freres Farchy, France. 1893 diano, Bologna, Italy. 1898 Snelling Co., "Answers" Brand 80 leaves. 20th Century 1900 Miguel Botella, Alcoy 1902 efka, Germany. Brainstorm, bravissimo, brazil, corn papers, brown Williamson, bugler, bull Brand, bull Durham. Bulldog Back to top C Caballero Camouflage Camouflaje Camel Campeao Canaarinho Canada Goose Cannabis Indica Cannabis Papers Canuma Capstan Caravan Cascade Cascadeur Cherniak Decorative Cherniak Cutsides Chills ragonis Clayton Club - SA Modiano Colomy Columbos Cord Coringa Corn papers Crest - House of Rizla Comments - Guestbook Cutsides. From then on, they were all united under thecentral management of lacroix- belgium. In 1980 LA croix acquired several units for production, distribution and marketing in theUnited States of America. Nowadays, the partnership lacroix covers more than 30 countries and its annual productionof cigarette-paper is sufficient to manufacture a cigarette that can be winded 25 times around the earth.

Where does the name rizla come from? The name stems from two sources. The first half of the word, "RIZ refers to the productionprocess of the papers. During this process, the texture of the raw material looks like rice (inFrench: "riz. The. And although rizla has recently been bought by the imperial tobacco group, it still remains the most sold rolling paper in the world. The History of Rolling Time 1532 The first knowing sale of paper was dealt with pierre lacroix in exchange for Prigord Champagne. They were still without glue and they weren't yet folded together. Out of these "premature" experiments, the modern cigarette-papers were born, and soon theirproduction grew higher and higher, which led to their increasing perfection.