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To plan for appropriate expansion of technical education in the context of globalization. Certification and, testing of Technical Manpower, to contribute to the planned growth of Delhis economy through above activities. (g) Explain the concept of cell referencing in MS-Excel. (h) What are the advantages of presentation packages for students? (i) Distinguish between Internet and WWW. 2918, section - A 2. (a) Explain the classification of computer based on size and architecture. To help school dropouts and people from socially economically weaker sections of society to set up their own enterprises by providing non-formal short-term vocational training. To govern the standard of technical education provided by self-financing Institutions. (b) Explain secondary storage devices. 9,9 3. (a) What is booting sequences of MS-DOS for booting from a HDD? Explain all steps. (b) Explain the following MS-DOS commands. Give their syntax along with commonly used switches also attrib, xcopy, prompt. Mission, a. Vision, to produce globally acceptable competent technical manpower. B. Mission, to provide quality technical manpower to suit the changing needs of the industry/service sector through total quality participation at all levels. Panjab University Chandigarh, personal Computing Software, paper : BCA 1st Year, time : 3 Hrs. Rks : 90, note : Attempt five questions in all. Select one question each from Sections A-D and the entire compulsory question.

9,9 Section - B 4. (a) What are the files which are used for configuring the system in MS-DOS? Explain the purpose of each and the various commands used in them?