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The right to assignment (giving your tenancy to another person) You will need to ask our permission if you are a sole tenant and wish to assign your tenancy to your spouse, civil partner or other eligible member of your family, for example, because you have to move away and they cannot move with you. Find out more by reading our leaflet about making improvements to your home. The right to compensation if you have carried out improvements to your home while you have been living there, you can claim some money from us at the end of your tenancy you must write to us between the date you hand in the notice to quit.

If there are any changes to your tenancy and you are not sure whether you need to tell us or not, please speak to your housing patch manager. The right to live in your home without interference as long as you: do not break the conditions explained in your tenancy agreement live in your council home as your only or. Dec 26, 2011. Real estate investors who buy properties directly from motivated sellers must. In contract assignment, you assign the right to buy a property to. You can save and edit the form before you buy-just create a m account. It s easy. This is called assigning your right to receive the property or money. If you do not have a spouse or civil partner, a family member may succeed to the tenancy but they must have been living with you for at least 12 months before the date of succession. We will put you in touch with advice and support agencies. If a tenant causes the violence they have broken the conditions of the tenancy agreement, which gives us the right to evict them.