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How to Become a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Content Writer

They appreciate the SEO's in-depth understanding of their specific industry an understanding thats hard for an agency to guarantee. As an in-house SEO, you may be the only one with strong SEO knowledge in your company.

In-House SEO, an in-house SEO works as a full-time employee for a single company, or underneath the umbrella of several sister companies. Youll be able to become specialized within a niche industry, have greater ownership over the projects at hand, and will be able to take full credit for your brilliant successes (or failures) along the way. Txt, metadata, site speed optimization, and related skills. Proven success in link building and viral strategies, the ability to deploy an effective local and long-tail search strategy. A deep understanding of mobile strategy and how it relates to SEO. Theres no college program to train an SEO, few industry standards, and many misconceptions and outdated ideas connected to the industry. Professionals in this industry break into their positions through experience, success, research, and trial and error. However, the certifications provided by Google are viewed in a positive light, and there are a number of SEO certifications that are well respected in many circles. Below is an incomplete list of a few certifications we recommend: Three types of SEO Specialists, people working in search optimization generally work in one of the three categories: In-house, Agency, or Freelance.

Despite all the glamor, agencies often have a high turnover, as SEOs are poached by competing companies and lost clients can lead to employees being phased out. While the pay is solid and the benefits are good, theres a "Live by the sword, die by the sword" philosophy, and an inherent stress level with it that may not be right. Will be starting off with at leat 15 articles (could be more). Requirements: 1. Articles must be written for SEO - SEO keywords must be bolded in articles and.