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In the previous year, nearly a third of students wanted more e-textbooks, and 19 percent of students wanted open educational resources. In this pilot, some students and faculty really liked the e-textbooks, and some hated them so much that they bought a print textbook, Grajek said.

In the ecar2012 Study of Undergraduate Students and Technology, 57 percent of students said they wished their instructors used open educational resources more, compared to 47 percent who wanted more e-textbooks. Sales personnel must now be trained better to answer questions regarding such things as technology supplements that accompany textbooks. In the final analysis I think cost savings will not be the key competitive advantage of electronic textbooks over hard copy. Mn Reader conveni. And traditional publishing models - even revised for digital publishing - may not cut it. They noted that students look for study materials in many places, which is why it's important to consider other types of course materials besides e-textbooks. Today, computerized print runs can be much smaller and even reduced to a point where a hard copy order is received before the book is printed. And the book can be printed at computer sites all over the world.