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Don't pad your paper with big words that you just looked up in the thesaurus. What's more, don't show them what you think they value or are looking for; show them what they should value and be looking for.

Let it come to a conclusion. This paper is not an episode from a soap opera-it should open and close within the maximum number of words allowed. Don't use the element of suspense as a literary technique. The typical question asks you to share personal informationallowing the selection committee to get to know yousuch as your plans or goals, an important event in your life, your philosophy and/or beliefs, or your financial situation.

If you can make it indicative of your personality, genuine, relevant, and concise, it's doable. If the thing that excites you most in this world is Star Trek, make it work. Writing this college admission essay is an opportunity for you to stand out among the applicants and to prove youre the most deserving candidate. Be sure to keep certain things in mind as you write this essay: Consider exactly what the question asks.

Write as you speak. Use a conversational tone; you want the reader to feel like more of a friend and less of an evaluator. A casual, relaxed tone will make you seem like a human and not just an applicant.

Create an image so vivid that the reader forgets that they're really just reading a request from a teenager to study at their institution. Ad Method 3 of 3: Mastering the Mechanics 1 Make it flow. Everything in the essay should reveal something about YOU and your unique situation. Any reader of your essay should feel as if he or she knows you personally. Remember that committee members are seeking the applicant who fits the mission of their institution and is worthy of their award.