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2. Make sure they have a genuine UK landline telephone number answered by UK staff. Anybody can get a UK landline number, these numbers can be diverted to anywhere in the world.

We have links to the actual stories, and videos from our television coverage for you to watch. 8. Read the website carefully. Check for typos and odd expressions! Foreign websites are often full of sloppy mistakes - spelling/grammar errors Read the website carefully or (if English isn't your first language) get someone to check it for you If the website. Top 8 Ways to Avoid Scams 1. Use a genuine UK Company. UK companies are subject to UK law, uK companies can be sued in the UK courts, you have more 'comeback' against UK companies if anything goes wrong. Check they are listed at Companies House, make sure their Company Number matches the name registered at Companies House. Make sure the Company is not listed as 'Dissolved' and does not have 'pending applications' (e.g. Online paper-writing services have been around since the internet first went public. It seems that every day, theres a new company popping up and promising pupils great deals on essay writing.

This can include the names and addresses of the directors and company secretaries and costs a small fee, approximately 1.00 per document. Our company name is All Answers Limited and our company number is 4964706. However, if scam artists play their cards right, they can either a) get a large number of students to pay small amounts, adding up to a substantial payday, or b) get access to a credit card, bank account or even more personal information (such as a social security card or savings account).