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  There are days that my co-workers boss doesnt even seem to care that she is at work and that she is just sitting there doing nothing. When there is a task to do, a good boss will give you the chance to do the task and not put you down to make you feel like you cant do it. (Good Boss vs Bad Boss, 2009, para.2) It means that the employees have no opportunity to express their progressive ideas concerning this or that issue. A bad boss is the one who believes that he knows everything and his employees know nothing.

V. References, beck, M. (2008) Are you a good boss or bad boss? CNN Living. April 03, 2008. Retrieved from: Brown, P.B. (2008) Good Boss, Bad Boss. Which Are You? The New York Times. Besides listening skills, a good boss has good communication skills. He is always ready to keep in touch with each team member individually and to keep them informed of any changes and innovations in the process of work.   Where I work, I have two different bosses that work there.   My boss gives me the chance to work on different tasks just so that I can get the experience that is needed to do my job well. The Characteristics of a Good Boss vs. A Bad Boss. The similarities and difference of a good boss vs. A bad boss are about the same thing, it is all the way they manage In doing my research and from personal experience, it seems that even though there are many similarities between a good boss and a bad boss, there.

(Beck, 2008, para.5) To sum up, both good and bad bosses do have common functions and responsibilities in the workplace, but they have also a lot of differences which are concluded in their relation to work and employees, and their personal traits of character. Planning, controlling, directing, organizing and staffing are the key functions of effective management. (Functions of Management, 2011, para.2) It means that any boss should use his skills and abilities in order to be an effective leader of the organization.