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Homeless Philippines boy uses McDonald's light so he can do his

Life's greatest lessons come not from famous personalities but from simple people. Keep your eyes and mind open.' 'We should learn from him. And with that discipline and focus, I'm sure he will become someone someday! Daniel was noticed by medical student Joyce Torrefranca, who posted the photo online, saying she felt 'inspired by a kid.'. The photo was quickly shared, with dozens of people commenting how impressed they were with the young boy's studying efforts.

I wouldnt bother arranging to pay him for chores around the housemost adolescents do much better work for any adult other than their parents. In fact, thats one of the additional values of his holding a job, which is that hell learn that everyone, not just his mother and father, has a certain set of expectations that need to be. Daniel Cabrera, 9, studies at a elementary school in Mandaue City. His father died in prison and he now lives with his mother and brother. The young student only has one pencil and dreams of becoming a doctor or a policeman when he is older. The page has already generated 22,900 (around 329) and is nearly halfway towards its target of raising over 50,000 (over 700) for helping Daniel's school career. Share or comment on this article, mOST read news. Most adolescents have some desire for disposable cash, but if your son can always count on bumming it off of you, that will diminish his motivation to go out and earn that cash. Has almost become this generations adolescent mantra if his complaining has become chronic, its important that you take the opportunity to ascertain whether there might be some underlying issues that are truly troubling him.

If hes got his learners permit and is in the process of learning how to drive, you could make sure that at least part of his practice driving time is devoted to scouting out possible places of employment, going for interviews, or picking up or dropping off applications.