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IT Talent Crisis? Gartner Says Get Creative, commentary, gartner CIO Cymposium gives CIOs a hint about the talent shortage. It might not be as bad as you think if you're willing to get creative. Mobile-friendly The daily online Bloomberg report gives you the latest headlines from around the world.

Top, more, new, events, jobs. However, it's the added security that makes the upgrade worth it. GE CEO: IoT Boosts Safety, Efficiency, Speed News GE customers echo CEO Jeffrey Immelt's contention at Minds Machines conference that Predix industrial analytics cloud is "about no unplanned downtime." Bad User Experiences: How Analytics Can Improve App Testing Commentary Not doing any user experience testing on your enterprise apps.

It could become a platform for hatred and cyber-bullying. Or, it could be all smiles and happy dances. You decide. Nasa's New Horizons Reveal Charon's Violent Past News The most recent high-resolution images from nasa's New Horizons probe reveal surprising details of Pluto's largest moon, Charon, including massive canyons. That seems like a something we could have a lot of fun with. Apple Buys VocalIQ To Supercharge Siri News The purchase could give Apple the software it needs to take Siri, and potentially its automotive project, to the next level.

Apple iOS Fixes App Slicing Bug. Commentary, apple's promise that iOS 9 would trim down memory use in iPhones and other devices can finally be realized with a newly rolled out iCloud delivery fix.