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As a matter of fact, you can start at home, on your own computer. Choose a topic and do a basic computer search. Take note of the types of sources that appear for each topic. By Grace Fleming, what is a Strong Topic? Youll be spending a lot of time on a research paper, so it is particularly important to select a topic that you really enjoy working with. Horst, Patricia G. Lange, Dilan Mahendran, Katynka Martinez, C.J. Pascoe, Dan Perkel, Laura Robinson, Christo Sims, and Lisa Tripp. (with Judd Antin, Megan Finn, Arthur Law, Annie Manion, Sarai Mitnick and Dan Schlossberg and Sarita Yardi) Hanging Out, Messing Around, Geeking Out: Living and Learning with New Media.

For instance, you may find several articlesbut then you realize later that they're all published in another country. They may still be found in your local library, but you'll want to check as early as possible, to make sure. The John D. And Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Reports on Digital Media and Learning, November 2008. Book - Hanging Out, Messing Around, Geeking Out: Living and Learning with New Media. Ito, Mizuko, Sonja Baumer, Matteo Bittanti, danah boyd, Rachel Cody, Becky Herr, Heather A. In short, always, take a few steps in the beginning to make sure that your topic will be relatively easy to research over the days and weeks to come. You dont want to invest too much time and emotion in a project that will only lead to frustration in the end. Horst, gaming Lead Authors: Mizuko Ito and Matteo Bittanti, creative Production Lead Authors: Patricia G. Lange and Mizuko Ito. Work Lead Author: Mizuko Ito, conclusion, bibliography.