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Journal Writing Ideas, how it helps you tell your story

The Journal This is an extensive site about the power of personal and professional journaling. It features The Journal software developed by DavidRMSoftware. There are some wonderful features and is very user friendly. There was an emphasis on the use of explorative recordings by youth workers in the UK from the 1960s on (in significant part based on their use within psychotherapy) (see Goetschius and Tash 1967, for example). Its a mistaken idea to think you have to be a gifted writer to keep a journal. Anyone can write short entries. It is so important to do this. Over time, our recall may fail us.

You do it again tomorrow. And the next day. We humans are a curious bunch we make things needlessly complicated. So if you feel yourself getting mired in whether or not youre doing it right, what kind of journal to use, when you should write, or if the color of your pen will affect the outcome, take a breath and. If you dont have time to read this whole guide, stick with #1 and youll do just fine! 1. Keep it Simple, journal writing at its core is simple. You get some paper and a pen, you write a few pages about whats going on.

Dont expect yourself to churn out the Deepest and Moist Poignant Journal Ever. Just get a 1 composition book at the drug store and write 3 pages, as many days this week as you have time for. Or Why did this happen? (1989: xi). Patsie Little makes a similar point about recording: By keeping records, I am able to monitor my practice. The act of writing something down often crystallises a particular problem or issue or enables me to see where a particular piece of work has not achieved its objective Through this process I can identify. Having made a note of something we can put them on one side for consideration or action at a later point. We can only handle so much at any one moment.