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It's hoped you will in return for using the scheme, but you're under no obligation. The scheme covers simple wills - so if your affairs are complex, your solicitor's likely to ask you to pay a contribution to cover the extra time they spend writing your will.

This is dealt with under the residuary clause in the will. To provide for any surviving children aged under 18. If you die responsibility for your children will automatically go to anyone else with parental responsibility. See Parental Responsibility for who has it and who doesn't. People with dependent children usually use a will to name a guardian(s) for their children, and also to allocate funds to ensure they're financially supported while growing up (though another signed, witnessed written document will suffice). Are you already entitled to one? A number of organisations and groups provide wills to limited numbers of qualifying individuals, so check if you're entitled to one of these first. Trade unions and employers A number of trade unions, including major ones like the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS the nasuwt teachers' union, the Fire Brigades Union and Unison. Do remember though, you're under NO obligation to add the writer of your will as an exectutor, or in fact buy any additional services on top of the writing costs. Some may suggest this, or add it to your will as default, so check. You must be aware it could leave behind big problems, possibly as severe as being unable to pay the bills as the bank's locked off the money. So. Whatever your age, if you've assets eg, a house, savings, or a business, and people or others you'd like to look after, consider making a will. Alternatively some name a bank or solicitor, though they often charge monstrous fees (and can add themselves automatically so make sure you only allow this if you've chosen it for yourself.

Please get a will! Hollie Bird, there are many specific reasons for writing a will, including: Children, if you have children or step-children under 18, you should choose who will look after them and ensure there are funds to help.