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D.C. Is a very busy city, as it hosts the largest amount of governmental agencies in the country. Each of the organizations relies on well-crafted contracts and high-priority documents. Unfortunately, the skill-set required to effectively draft these technical pieces is harder to find in recent graduates.

The job could be as broad as writing documents about a general topic, or as narrow as explaining why a component within a computer is needed. D.C. And Chicago are both cities with large economies. Furthermore, for businesses that deal with complicated contracts and formulas, there is always a need to be able to communicate the information to less technically versed individuals. Technical writing jobs have a wider range of responsibilities than you may be aware of. Although that might prevent someone with less experience from finding employment, it could mean a nice paycheck for those who are qualified. In Chicago, the average salary for an entry-level technical writing job is 57,000. Due to the high-pressure nature of these contracts and documents, companies look to hire qualified and educated professionals, in some cases with doctoral or law degrees - depending on the industry. Technical writers are in great demand in Washington, D.C. And Chicago due to the extreme amount of manufacturing, governmental and technology-based companies residing in the metropolitan areas. Creative writers who want to take a more business-centric approach with their talents are encouraged to relocate to these areas, as the Washington Post and Simply Hired report them to be the cities. The creative market growth has played a major part in that. Individuals who want to find a career in something they love, and also have room to grow professionally and personally, can possibly find what they are looking for in those cities.

In USD as of Oct 7, 2015 55k 110k 165k 77,000, average Technical Writer salaries for job postings in Washington, DC are 25 higher than average Technical Writer salaries for job postings nationwide.