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Id sure feel badly about that. We got to go fishing, played with the kids, took walks and got lots of lovin and belly rubs after our long, busy days. We cuddled in the evenings and sometimes we even got some popcorn and cheese!

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Pres and Mac, as the 12-year-old childhood friends were nicknamed, lived 75 miles up the Mississippi River from St. Louis, and they spent much of their time in swimming holes and haylofts. Time, lIFE photography, what I Did on My Summer Vacation, 1947, share. Life photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt produced an illustrated version of the classic school assignment. Few schoolchildren make it through a dozen years of schooling without being assigned some variation of the What I Did on My Summer Vacation essay.

They liked me to chase them and it made me feel good to know that I was the one that had herded them all together in that nice V shape. It was my task to be sure no one was left behind when they flew away. Rolling in that wet sand was the best! Luckily we were able to rinse off in the outside people shower and that was great fun too! Pelicans! I had never seen one of those before and they were huge! What is lost in limiting unstructured play is up for debatebut, as some psycholigists argue, whats at stake may be more than just material for that back-to-school essay. Liz Ronk, who edited this gallery, is the Photo Editor for m.