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As a result, some speculate that this could cause people to start fighting for water- a necessary resource many take advantage of and assume will be available forever. Half way around the world, however, Sea levels are rising with the increased melting of polar ice caps.

Deforestation is responsible for 25 per cent of all carbon emissions entering the atmosphere, by the burning and cutting of 34 million acres of trees each year. Everyday over 5500 acres of rainforest are destroyed. Has also contributed to more polluted air due to lack of oxygen convertors. (m/od/faqglobalwarming/f/m) Struggling with your essay? Custom Written Work, guaranteed on Time, get The Grade You ordered, people's lack of concern for conserving its resources will only make Global warming worse. It seems that the member countries are not very serious about its devastating effects. In addition, forestation can be of great help in this regard. Planting more trees and reducing timber cuts worldwide will help restore the imbalance. Its contribution is 30 per cent in global warming. This gas is also emitted from the burning of fossil fuels. Increase in global temperatures will cause rise in sea level. It will lead to melting of glaciers, changes in rainfall patterns, increased intensity and frequency of extreme weather. It would have far-reaching socio-economic impact. In Indian context, the impact of global warming is a matter of grave concern. As is well known, India is mainly an agricultural country and agriculture here is gamble of the monsoon, e.g.

This will cut back on electricity use and they'll benefit doing other, healthier activities. Encourage them to read a book or play outside like we or our parents did. In conclusion, evidence shows that people's choices in everyday life and their use of technology and resources has undoubtedly increased global warming.

The consequences of the rise in temperature is being felt all over the globe the findings of scientific research done in this field reveal that the temperature of the earth is likely to rise from 1.4C to 5.8C within a period of 100 years.