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"There was lots of stress on the specific qualities/skills of teachers: it helps to be up-to-date on educational issues, especially the National Curriculum. However most of the questions were fairly easy and a matter of common-sense." Applicant for secondary pgces What is the relevance of your degree?

You have 47 lines to answer the following question: "Describe briefly your reasons for wanting to teach, giving the relevance of your previous education and experience, including teaching, visits to schools and other work with young people.". What key stage are you most interested in and why? For Primary you need to show knowledge of maths, science and English. What is the relevance of your degree subject to primary teaching?

The individual letters in Verdana are very wide (see the examples to the right) and so they take up more space than most common fonts. So if you word process your statement in Verdana 11 points it should fit.

It sounds obvious but make sure you get their name right. Gaps in employment make it look like you're hiding something, whatever the reason highlight all the positives for gaps. If you have worked in a different sector think about the transferable skills you have. How to remove the invisible formatting from MS Word. MS Word has a lot of invisible formatting code which sometimes gets copied into the form and ends up taking up space. This strips away all invisible formatting characters. After you have word-processed your draft, spell and grammar check it before pasting it into the form. Use good English. If your statement is fresh, lively, and different, you'll be putting yourself ahead of the crowd.

For example if you have worked in a shop you could mention that you had to work in a busy team under pressure, deal tactfully with customer complaints and adapt quickly to changing situations.