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An argument essay should contain three parts: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The length of these parts (number of paragraphs) will vary, depending on the length of your essay assignment.

You might be challenged by the teacher or by another student. II. Background Information, though not always required in an argumentative essay, a background paragraph may be vital to your paper if there is information that your audience needs to be aware of to understand your topic. Tips for Your Essay: Avoid emotional language. Know the difference between a logical conclusion and an emotional point of view. Don't make up evidence, cite your sources, make an outline, be prepared to defend your side by knowing the strongest arguments for the other side.

Definition, we've all used some form of argumentation at one point in our lives. Whether it was asking parents for permission to go somewhere, seeking more money at a job, or begging for a second chance with a lost love, we've examined different evidence to determine which approach is best to make our case for what we want in life. B. Thesis, a thesis statement is a sentence that explains what you are trying to prove and provides an overview of the arguments you will make in your body paragraphs. The thesis acts as a roadmap for the rest of your paper.

The year 2012 will pass without a major, life-altering catastrophe. 2. Present both sides of the controversy, the body of your essay will contain the meat of your argument. You should go into more detail about the two sides of your controversy and state the strongest points of the counter-side of your issue.

Read more, planning Stage, for an argument essay to be effective, it must contain certain elements that will persuade the audience to see things from your perspective. For this reason, you must take a few minutes to plan and prepare before you jump into writing an argument essay.