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Up until a few weeks ago, the choice would have been easy. As a vegetarian, the soy burger is the moral choice relying on the least amount of animal suffering, the least amount of carbon/water use, and the best way for me to sleep at night. Ive seen Food Inc. And watched Gary Yourofskys blistering attack on eating meat. And yet, in her concise and poetic manifesto, ex-vegan Lierre argues that vegetarians and vegans have been led astray. BNT: You write no one told me that life is only possible through death, that our bodies are a gift from the world, and that our final gift is to feed each other. Can you (briefly) outline the beliefs of each? The moral vegetarians believe that its possible to eat a diet that includes no animal suffering or animal deaths. The political vegetarians believe that if everyone was a vegetarian, we could feed the world and stop various kinds of environmental destruction.

Its not the values that are wrong, its purely informational. The second reason is that I didnt want a whole new group of idealistic young people to destroy their health. A vegetarian diet and especially a vegan diet does not provide for the long-term maintenance and repair of the human body. Cave painting by the San people depicting an elephant hunt taken in South Africa. A controversial interview with author and ex-vegan Lierre Keith on how a vegetarian diet is not the answer to save our ailing planet. (p264) Also, the task of an activist is not to negotiate systems of power with as much personal integrity as possible its to dismantle those systems. (p265) Why do you feel the mainstream emphasizes personal lifestyle choices as the main path to a better future, and why do you believe this path is misleading?