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Justify why you have chosen that particular theory for that particular kind of patient and that particular kind of nursing.  For example, a post-op orthopedic patient fits well with Orems self-care theory. 

This might be general in nature, such as a philosophy that relates to life values; it could be a philosophy statement related to beliefs about the profession of nursing; or it might be a philosophy specific to school nursing. Once these values are identified, putting them together into. Full Text of this Article. Remember: Your philosophy, which is just a fancy name for your beliefs and values and WHY those are your beliefs and values, is what guides your selection of theory and how you envision what effective and good nursing looks like.  Such demands are pushing nurses to examine their values and what drew them to the profession of nursing in search of balance and meaning in the work setting. One strategy nurses can use to affirm that their practice is in harmony with their value system is to write a personal philosophy statement.

Let me help you tackle it.  These assignments are so often way too broad and extensive, mainly because professors often dont appreciate the enormity of what theyre really asking.  The one thing that helps the most is to imagine how you would explain to a friend why you went into nursing, what health is, and what nursing should look like. Thats what I used to think, too. Set those thoughts aside.  Negativity is of no help to you now.  Nursing philosophy and theory. IS important.  Thats why your professor created the assignment. 

As the profession of nursing is dealing with rapid changes in knowledge and practice, the specialty of school nursing is attempting to articulate its value in the educational setting. Both the profession and specialty are maturing, and along with this natural process, nurses are clarifying their roles and scope of practice.