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Service,Supply chain management,Characteristics of service, Product And Service Marketing Mix. Differences B/W Goods and Services, Classification of service, Service encounter, Service blueprint, service marketing triangle, types of marketing traingle. 20 Service Management means. Going from a technology focus to a customer service focus. Managing service levels from the customers perspective instead of insular technology or infrastructure perspective Going beyond reactive break/fix to proactive management of service requests and service support Actively managing infrastructure components (assets) and systematically managing changes (planned and un-planned) 21 SLM - Goal The goal for. Are IT costs decreasing for services with stable (acceptable but not improving) service level achievements? 30 Typical process flow Metric, Standard or Control point Metric, Standard or Control point Work Instructions Work Instructions Input Activity Activity Other IT and Business Processes Other IT and Business Processes 31 Example of Incident Management flow All incidents to be resolved by Support Groups.

The importance of the service catalogue to the service desk. Use of the service catalogue within the service desk activities and service management processes.

Businesses are turning to. Process frameworks, process improvements, best practices, proven quality, mutually comprehensible objectives, continual IT quality improvement 6. IT process flow, configuration items are checked and updated, change for more capacity is requested, new Users have just been added.

Application going slow, new servers are rolled out, service Desk, new capacity levels are calculated. Costs and profits are calculated, new application availability plans are created, service Level Agreement is negotiated. Incident management maturity also directly impacts desktop support staff productivity in the least mature organizations, one staff person manages approximately 140 PCs while his or her counterpart at a highly mature incident management environment can support more than 200 PCs.