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That is, if one of its clients is visible to the user, then the service itself is considered to be visible. The way a client's importance impacts the service's importance can be adjusted through bind_above_client, bind_allow_OOM_management, bind_waive_priority, bind_important, and bind_adjust_with_activity. Then, only when you attempt to resolve one of these services does Laravel load the service provider).

If the service has been started, then its hosting process is considered to be less important than any processes that are currently visible to the user on-screen, but more important than any process not visible. @return array / public function provides return 'RiakContractsConnection Laravel compiles and stores a list of all of the services supplied by deferred service providers, along with the name of its service provider class.

For started services, there are two additional major modes of operation they can decide to run in, depending on the value they return from onStartCommand start_sticky is used for services that are explicitly started and stopped as needed, while start_NOT_sticky or start_redeliver_intent are used for services that should only remain running while processing any commands sent to them. An example of this use of a Service is shown here. First is the Service itself, publishing a custom class when bound: public class LocalService extends Service private NotificationManager mNM; / U. Permissions Global access to a service can be enforced when it is declared in its manifest's service tag. By doing so, other applications will need to declare a corresponding uses-permission element in their own manifest to be able to start, stop, or bind to the service. You should never attempt to register any event listeners, routes, or any other piece of functionality within the register method. Otherwise, you may accidently use a service that is provided by a service provider which has not loaded yet.