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Surviving a Primary pgce

The reason for this is also what has turned the other teachers in the department into irrational, nervous wrecks: Ofsted. We are being inspected on Wednesday and Thursday, so guess which rookies are not allowed anywhere near a classroom. Nobody contemplated working before New Year: rightly so, in my opinion, as we were all in great need of a break after the damp autumnal depression and fatigue of our first school placement.

We asked Sylvia, an initial teacher trainee, to tell us about her week-to-week experiences in university and on her school placements during her pgce year. Meet our pgce diarist, hi! I'm training to teach English in secondary school. Don't assume that these kids are in control of their behaviour, because often they are not. It is part of our job to painstakingly show them where the appropriate boundaries lie, but also to help them understand, by the time they leave school, that the real world' of jobs and public places will not make allowances for them. This is undoubtedly an enlightened move, aimed at understanding children who do not come to school with the necessary emotional resilience to cope with the knocks and brushes of everyday life. I enjoy having students with plenty to say, and I'd prefer a class full of lively, over-confident kids than a bunch of grunting misfits, or crushed egos who dare not speak for fear of ridicule. From what I have observed so far, there is also a culture of talking freely in class in this school, which usually works to your advantage but can be really hard work.