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Dissertations - Submitting Your Dissertation or Thesis to ProQuest

Digital copies of all UCR thesesand dissertations will be routed to the Library. The Library willpreserve and make accessible to the public all theses and dissertations inaccordance with Library policies and best practices. You can find the petition here. Should I Register for a U.S. Copyright? This is optional. You do not have to file for copyright through ProQuest. You can do it on your own or not at all. There are other options for printed copies, such as Printing and Reprographics on campus. If you do order printed copies from ProQuest, keep in mind, it may take a few months before they arrive. Most students opt to give broad reach to their work immediately rather than choosing an embargo. Reasons students have chosen to embargo their theses/dissertations include: It is based on data that will be used for other/future publications of a research group, and the research group wishes the thesis/dissertation embargoed until these other works are published.

If I Click the submit Link, Will My Document Be Sent to ProQuest Immediately? No. Submitting is a critical step that you must complete. Please do not be concerned that you are submitting directly to ProQuest - you are not.

Again, these choices are up to you, so please think about what is best for your situation. You will not be able to make adjustments to these choices after the format review. Such access includes, butis not limited to online access to the public through platforms such as eScholarship, the University of Californias open access institutional repository. If a student chooses to delay the release of his or her dissertation in ProQuest, the Library will provideaccess to the electronically submitted dissertation only after the embargo period concludes.

If you think this situation applies to you, discuss it with your research group and advisor. The student plans on obtaining a patent based on work in his/her thesis/dissertation. The student is under grant or contract obligations that forbid publication in these circumstances.