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The second category of online tutors is made up of instructors working for tutoring companies. In this case, tutoring sessions often cost a fixed rate. The rates are typically competitive with those of freelance tutors, and there is the added benefit that tutoring companies provide a certain level of quality assurance.

The internet offers a variety of helpful resources, from problem solvers to general pre algebra practice. Finally, if you need one-on-one instruction in order to solve a pre algebra problem, you can always hire an online tutor, preferably one from a reputable tutoring company. The advantage of online practice problems is that they are accessible at all hours of the day, and they are graded instantly. Pre algebra tests - Sometimes the best way to learn how to solve problems is to simulate a high pressure situation. A step-by-step approach to solving pre algebra problems, if you find yourself struggling with a particular problem, here is a general procedure that you can follow in order to get the right answer in most cases. Review relevant materials - If you still don't know where to begin, try reviewing the most recent material you covered in class. The answer to the problem may be hiding in plain sight.

Pre algebra practice - There are a number of websites that offer practice problems of varying difficulty. Practice problems can help you reinforce your knowledge of important pre algebra concepts, while also offering an important problem comparison tool. If it is a word problem, try translating it into an equation. If it is an equation, try writing out the problem in words. Some pre algebra problems just require some basic rephrasing in order to be understood.