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How does homework help students master the grade-level standards? How do homework grades relate to proficiency on the standards? How much homework is enough? How much is too much? There is tremendous competition for students time, so what educators ask students to do outside school must be relevant to the standards and individual student needs and defensible to parents and. The official provider of online tutoring and homework help to the Department of Defense. Today Show Named Us a Top 5 Education App!

How will the team ensure that students do not receive overlapping assignments that would overload students with large assignments during any given week? Does the team agree with Rick Wormeli who cautions against grading practice exercises?4 In the Spotlight, the linked Homework Page (Doc; 31 KB; 1 p.) is an example of a homework management tool for students. California Department of Education. Making the Most of Homework (PDF; Outside Source Parents Place Bulletin. Mathematics Framework for California Public SchoolsKindergarten through Grade Twelve (2005) (PDF; 3.19MB; 411pp. California Department of Education. What is the difference between competence and compliance? Discussion about the difference between using homework as punishment or busy work (compliance) rather than as a tool to build competence will help the team members to refine their strategies and goals. 63, Summer 2006. Back to Top). It is important for teachers to establish schoolwide homework expectations that reflect district policy at the beginning of the school year. It is also critical for teachers to regularly discuss homework-grading policies and to maintain consistency and fairness throughout the school.