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Unfortunately, they were a startup with a small team, and no one had time to focus on the blog. In the six weeks I worked the contract, they only bothered to put up about half the posts I created.

My feeling is you have no chance of getting results in less time or with fewer posts, so thats where Ive set my bar. Just my personal philosophy on it. Bonus: Often, clients will buy your logic and commit to more frequent posts and that means more money for you, and a greater chance of an ongoing, successful gig. This latter makes a real difference in the time youll spend on this project. Do they really want them 1,000 words long? Many outlets dont really understand blogging or the advantages of having short posts you may have to sell them on that. Do you have questions about how to earn more from your writing? Learn more in my community Freelance Writers Den take ecourses, attend live events, ask writing pros your questions in our forums, and use our exclusive Junk-Free Job Board. Same the world over - the toxic mix of gasoline and stupidity. "Bogans" are endemic to the species. A team of council workers look after this park and its numerous ilk throughout the city. Mother Church, Catholic and other brands, does blend in here in Oz as elsewhere.  Religion still has a firm, but loosening, hold on Australians' social relationships.  Many of the uniformed school children one sees on the pitch or riding public transport sport religious insignia, and much of that Catholic in Sydney.

The stroll took me across The Park, following the crest of the high-grassed berm along the middle. Leaving the end of the dwindling berm, I join the paved bike path as it winds by a wooded area, sand patches covering the ground under the trees.