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A well fitting trait is being calm. I do not make a lot of noise, nor do I bother many people. This goes against annoying and irritating. I want to see things flowing smoothly, without any interruption. Birth Order, the bonds with your family have more of an impact on your personality than you may be aware. A large portion of your personality is a result of your siblings and the order in which you are born.

After watching the older brother make mistakes in daily life, the youngest will soon catch on and will not repeat the same mistakes. And will soon be exceedingly cautious, trying to make sure they are not doing anything wrong, or out of order. Being Independent is something I have gotten used to because I have separated from my older brother because of college, I have learned to be more independent and perfect everything on my own.

When reached a matured age, the child will soon be far away from being impulsive. Because only three out of the seven applied, I disprove this theory. The traits I have are quite different from the ones described in the Birth Order Theory. Parents of adopted children are usually so. Related Essays: Loading. APA, mLA, chicago, birth Order. (1969, December 31). In m. Retrieved 11:29, October 07, 2015, from m/viewpaper/ml MegaEssays. "Birth Order." m.

Your parents interaction with you is unknowingly biased by the order of your birth. Some research suggests this may result in predictable personality traits. Therefore, how does the order of your birth affect your personality and your siblings?

In this theory, it says "impulsive, and willful, daring and imaginative, annoying and irritating, needs superiors and loves authority." I think the theory is false because most of those traits do not fit.