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Because there are many different kinds of tutors, it's usually a good idea to determine the precise needs of your child before looking into your options. Observe your child at home and be thorough when going over your child's schoolwork.

Org ) provides information about before and after-school tutoring provided by the districts of Gwinnett County. If you want your child to receive school tutoring, you may want to inquire with your child's teacher and school. Is your child struggling in school or does he or she need help in one subject in particular? If this is the case, then a tutor may be able provide the assistance your child needs. However, it's also typically less expensive - because some services only require that you to pay by the minute - and can be particularly useful if your child only needs help with one assignment or problem. Online tutoring is another option that may work for your child. The drawback is that online tutoring is far less personal and likely to be less extensive than after-school or at-home tutoring. Read on to find out about your child's tutoring options in Gwinnett County, Georgia. How to Find a Tutor For Your Child in Gwinnett County. Determining What Your Child Needs, there are numerous places where you can get your child the extra help he or she needs in Gwinnett County, Georgia. To find a private tutor, you can peruse a local newspaper or search online classified listings. A number of national tutoring chains that you may consider contacting have branches in or around Gwinnett County.

He or she may need a lot of help in certain areas, or perhaps only a little extra push. Once you've determined what your child's needs are, it's time to assess the options.