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ESL teachers can print out these simple paragraphs and tips to use in class when helping beginning level students write personal descriptions. Read the following paragraph. Notice that this paragraph describes the person who is writing the introductory paragraph.

We hope you enjoy our library of information and if we can be of further assistance or help answer any questions you may have on these important topics, please contact us directly. Remember to use 'doesn't verb' in the negative. Use sometimes, often, never, etc. Before the main verb in a sentence. Remember to use he, his, him for boys and men and she, her, her for girls and women. You can write about a friend or a someone from your family. Compare the two paragraphs and note the differences in pronoun and verb use. For example, I live in Seattle BUT She lives in Chicago. Tips for Writing a Personal Description about a Friend. Remember to add 's' to the present simple tense when writing about other people. In the present simple tense, 'doesn't' takes the 's' in the negative form.

She studies every day and sometimes works in the evening at a small shop. The shop sells gift items like postcards, games and other small items. She enjoys playing golf, tennis and walking in the countryside. My house is in a suburb. BUT His house is in the city.