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Result: Approved. Case 4, an applicant/nominee has no degree and has worked for many years in the electric industry as a technician. Ten years ago, he accepted an engineering-level position and continued with it since that time. Included was a period of at least five years with demonstrated significant performance. Result: Approved. Case 5, an applicant/nominee retired some years ago and has not been active recently in the profession. Prior to retirement, the applicant/nominee had at least ten years of professional experience, including five years of significant performance. Result: Approved.

The following are examples of significant performance that would serve to qualify an individual for elevation to Senior member. In each case, assume that three qualified references were provided: Case 1, an applicant/nominee has a bachelor's degree and seven additional years of professional experience beyond graduation in an area encompassed by one of ieee's technical Societies, which meets the requirement. Google.

The applicant demonstrates significant performance during another five years in industry. Result: Approved. Case 3, an applicant/nominee has bachelor, master's, and doctoral degrees in an ieee-designated field. Five years of significant performance in academia, industry, or government beyond the doctoral degree are demonstrated (e.g., a faculty member with five years beyond the doctorate and promotion to associate professor). Significant performance can be demonstrated by describing substantial job responsibilities (e.g., team leader) for a period of at least five years. Result: All criteria are satisfied and the application is approved.

Case 2, same as Case 1, except that the applicant/nominee worked in industry for one year following graduation with the bachelor's degree and then was a full-time graduate student for two years, obtaining a master's degree.