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Pokmon Ranger: Shadows of Almia FAQ/Walkthrough, for the Nintendo DS, version 1.0 (Created ) By Devin Morgan, this file is Copyright (c)2009 Devin Morgan. All rights reserved. Table of Contents 1. Additionally, Pokmon are depicted within many of the locations that are new to Black 2 and White 2. Aspertia City Gym and Virbank City Gym are released as Stadium cards within the Freeze Bolt Cold Flare expansion; however, Virbank City Gym, along with many of the other cards in the Japanese expansion, were later saved for the English Plasma Storm. Set lists, boundaries Crossed, freeze Bolt. Cold Flare, pack artwork, pokmon Trading Card Game Releases.

In both English and Japanese, these Secret cards are the first to feature golden borders, and they also utilize the special etching featured on Full Art cards. The expansion features two Theme Decks, Ice Shock and Cold Fire, centered around Kyurem's brand new Formes, Black and White Kyurem, respectively.

Full Art Supporter cards become a staple for the make up of most of the remaining Black White Series expansions. Nagasawa's Promotional Keldeo artwork, the expansion is the first expansion to feature a brand new classification of Item cards: Ace Spec.

The additional rule insert included within both theme decks erroneously credits 5ban Graphics as the illustrator of this set's promotional artwork, while the actual illustrator is Shin Nagasawa. Many of the new Formes of Pokmon featured in Black 2 and White 2 make their debut in the TCG. Officially, the English release of the set contains 149 cards. Between alternate holofoils, reverse holofoils, and Secret cards, the set contains 300 cards. A list of the non standard cards can be seen below.