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There is debate on this, but I think it is a good thing to remove text that doesn't help communicate the message. Please feel free to send email to with questions. YouTube's automatic captions, editing Automatic Captions. Often the best way to do this is to edit the automatic captions that YouTube creates. If you happen to have a script or transcript for the video, it might be better to add a new caption from scratch and then sync it via the YouTube video manager (instructions for doing this to be. An example of a new track name is "English - edited." It's good to leave "English" in there so that you know what language the captions are in. Now you can play the video and edit each piece of the transcript as it is spoken. The nitty-gritty of caption editing is to listen to the video while you type into the text boxes for the captions, correcting the text as it is spoken. This will involve a lot of stopping, going back, and replaying as you work. If you find that the instructions here don't match what you see in the video manager, please let Patty Bradley know at. Table of Contents, youTube's Automatic Captions, youTube provides automatic captions for all the videos you upload. Use that if you have a transcript or script for the video. If you don't you'll want to edit the existing automatic caption. Note the "Active track" heading in the above screenshot.

Note that each piece of the caption file has a time stamp. These show at what time in the video the text being displayed is spoken. As you play the video and correct each piece, you will be moved through the sections. Now there are two caption files, the automatic captions and the one you just created. Click the second one to edit it. Click the, add track name link to give your captions a better name.