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5 Powerful Content Marketing Case Study Interview Questions

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The next time your company embarks on a case study be sure the writing process involves conducting blog interviews on the company side and the client side. Case studies built on targeted interview questions like the examples above, will result in a more valuable content marketing asset. Asking if the client would recommend the company or solution to peers can help provide a response thats aligned with the readers needs. For example, the client might answer I would recommend this solution to companies seeking a competitively priced software provider with great customer service. As good follow up question is to ask about the requirements the client was looking for in a new solution. During the implementation of the solution what problems developed and how did you work with the client to solve these problems? The second part of this question, asking about time and cost, will hopefully generate some qualitative results, or benefits, such as increased productivity lower costs, and less opportunity costs. These answers will add a deeper story line to the case study, beyond the hard-number results such as return on investment or gross revenue. Asking what the client found most attractive about the companys solution, will get the client to state their goals, or what pressure points they wanted to address with the companys solution.

What business processes does this solution enhance and how much does it reduce the cost to complete these particular processes? How much time does the solution save your employees? This question will help the writer determine exactly how the solution is being used by the client and which areas of the business it affects most.