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10th edition. Bedford/St. Martin's, 2013. Isbn# -3. I use, the St. Martin's Guide to Writing because its organization is easy to follow, plus it includes essays which serve as models for the type of genre covered in each particular essay. I would recommend the text to anyone teaching ENG 180. - Kathie Zemke. Bullock, Richard. The Norton Field Guide to Writing. 3rd edition. Norton, 2013. Isbn#. Bradley Dilger. Graff, Gerald and Cathy Birkenstein. Isbn# -7. The Brief Bedford Reader could be the only text required for the College Composition I classroom as it includes writing tools, essays for modeling (both professional and student and an MLA documentation handbook all in one compact, easily navigated, affordable book.

Boston: Allyn Bacon. A Dictionary of Modern English Usage, (1991, 2nd edition by Henry W. Fowler. New York: Oxford University Press. Edit Yourself: A Manual for Everyone Who Works With Words (1982 by Bruce Ross-Larson. Finally, you may also want to see if there is an online version of the style guide by visiting Writing Reference Sites on the Web. All the books in this section come highly recommended, but if we had to choose a few "must use" from the collection below, we would include Bernstein's, the Careful Writer ; Strunk and.

Critical thinking exercises divided into sections on both reading and writing follow each essay. Famous essays such as Martin Luther King's "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" allow students to participate in both historical and current issue discussions. "They Say/I Say The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing. 2nd edition. Norton, 2010. Isbn# 1-1 or 91275-3 (with readings). This is a great introduction to academic writing. The premise of the book is entering the discussion, and I think this is a great way to get started.