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We will double-check the accuracy of all text and graphical content (such dates, numbers, quot;tions, and the spelling of names) has against a reliable primary source. We will spell-check and proof-read the annual report to ensure that punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure are correct and that there are no typographical errors. For example, in some companies it is acceptable to use 'We must change. but in others this would be too strong, and it would be better to use 'The company should consider changing.' Conventions The Recommendations section is usually longer than the Conclusion, but shorter than the Findings. Ensure that the cover, layout, and body copy (including photos) reflect the company's image, support a unified marketing message, and complement other publications the company issues. We will also make sure that the company's names, products and services are presented in a consistent style and that they match your company's style guide (where relevant).

Recommendations should be suitable for the company culture; e.g. It may not be a good idea to suggest training courses for staff on Sundays. Like most formal business writing, recommendations should be clear, concise, and correct. ' If we increase advertising, sales will increase.' or ' If we increase d advertising, sales would increase.' Common grammar errors: Vocabulary Verbs for recommendations: recommend, suggest and propose. Matching Nouns and Verbs for Reports - an exercise in choosing the right vocabulary for reports. It comes after the Conclusion and before any appendices. Recommendations should be numbered so that it is easy for readers to refer to them in messages (e.g. 'In Recommendation 2 you said that. 5.1 Compensation, given that the customer has justifiably complained, we should give him his money back, and, to maintain goodwill, give him a single-use voucher worth 5 of the price of the original goods to encourage him to continue his relationship with our company.