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How to Write a conclusion paragraph for a research paper « Humanities

To avoid these disadvantages, you must try to avoid plagiarizing. Patience in research is important. You have to strive on your own and not the efforts of others. Remember, you can somehow fool other people with your plagiarized work, but not your self. Well let's just say that laziness is is one the main reason for plagiarizing other works. Just try to remember that one of the main reason a research papers, term papers, essay topics, or other academic paper works are assigned to students is to serve as a tool for measuring up a student's academic development for a school year. Well it may work in some aspects. I'm sure it's not uncommon for us to hear that someone was sued or reprimanded because of imitation or plagiarism. What is plagiarism? Plagiarism is the act of copying or adopting someone's work without a permission from the owner of that particular work. Original article published on m, next page: Biology Research Paper, bookmark/Share This Page. Well it may do a fancy trick to make your work more easy, but still it also presents much disadvantages. Here are some of these disadvantages that may be harmful to those who will dare to do this kind of acts: Decline of a student's performance in terms of independent academic works. It will make you alter your focus on your research thus, resulting in inaccuracies in figures, High rate of marginal error, etc. What more if your cover has been blown? You will be reprimanded, or worst, be subjected in a corrective actions corresponding your offense. You will never erase the fact that you are not the one who made that work, and that recognition does not deserved for you. Rely on your own understanding and skills so that you can boldly say that you are responsible for your own development and not through the works of others who also have strived hard for their own.