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Sample Argument Essays

It may also be appropriate for you to include a call to action in your conclusion if you want your audience to do something as a result of the argument you've made. This might include important historical dates, an explanation of who the subject affects, or current laws. This paragraph isn't trying to prove a point; it is simply providing information to help the audience understand the topic. Example, the lack of maturity among teenagers creates an increased likelihood that they will be in a car accident. Requiring teens to wait just a few more years before earning their licenses could save hundreds of families the heartache of losing a loved one due to an automobile accident. The higher risk of accidents among teens shows that they are not emotionally or mentally ready to be drivers yet. Delaying the driving age could help save lives by lowering the number of automobile accidents. Make sure the introduction is interesting enough to 'hook' your readers into wanting to read more. Once you've written the first sentence, you want to connect the information to what you ultimately what to try to prove by leading into your thesis statement. Research your topic by examining both primary (original documents) and secondary (references information from a primary document) sources, as well as evaluating anecdotal experiences. Once you have collected data that supports multiple perspectives on the issue, you can make an informed decision about which side has the strongest arguments or which side you support. IV. Conclusion, in the conclusion, the author should restate the thesis (using different wording address the possible outcomes of changing or not changing a belief, and leave the audience with a final, unique thought on the topic.