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Bolker's book broke it down in simple steps and clearly articulated the fears and struggles we face as writers. I laughed several times as I saw myself in her observations and started writing as soon as I put the book down. I know it's good counsel because I've seen it work! I guess I just needed to hear it from an expert, but now that I have I'm tearing through these last chapters, confidently (most of the time). - C.B. Delaney (m) "Sometimes writing a dissertation is a bit like having a serious, but not mortal, illness,\" writes Joan Bolker in, writing Your, dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day. A reader from Singapore, March 7, 2000 Solid advice about writing I teach writing, yet I am having a horrible time finishing my dissertation. This book helped me recognize what I know about writing-with the exception of "park on the downhill slope every bit of advice given in this book is advice I have given my own first-year students.

(For example, when faced with the tradeoff between a famous advisor who is inaccessible and a less famous advisor who is willing to make time for you, Bolker advises, "If choosing a politically advantageous, famous advisor makes it unlikely that you'll complete your degree, it's clearly not worth it.

One of her pithy reminders is, "Always park on the downhill slope". By this, she means stop today with an easy to find starting point for tomorrow. Ms. Bolker is kind, understanding, and forgiving. It's about the thinking, writing and editing process, rather than about organising notes and library skills, and for that reason I've found this to be the best book around on writing a dissertation. - Sharon Bear from Los Angeles, California, April 12, 1999 If you feel you can't make it, this is a book for you! I nearly gave up my PhD thesis proposal until I read this book.