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Legal Dictionaries, legal dictionaries provide definitions of words in their legal sense or use. These publications provide a short definition of foreign and Latin legal words and phrases, refer to cases and other legal sources for authority, and may give examples of word usage in various legal situations. They focus on narrow legal issues rather than general points of law. The articles analyze and describe cases from every jurisdiction that have taken a position on the topic covered. Along with critical case citations, the articles provide references to statutes, digests, texts, treatises, law reviews, and legal encyclopedias. Forms- General Forms - Motor Vehicle Forms - Tax General Pa. Legal Web Sites Specific to Pennsylvania legal research found within the broader legal sites Gun Laws Fire Arms and Guns Health and Safety Historical Documents Pennsylvania State Archives - Historical Documents Home Rule Charters Home Schooling House Bills Resolutions From 1981-Current. Counties, county officials, commissioners, job opportunities. County, court Rules, court rules of the selected counties. County, courts, infomation, opinions, calendars and local rules of the courts. County, profiles, county, recorders, county, rules and Changes (Index of Judicial-Council Local Rules some counties maintain only rule changes. The depth of analysis and explanation in a Nutshell is considerably more concise as compared to a treatise or hornbook, but Nutshells serve as a good introduction to an unfamiliar area of law. The. American Law Reports (ALR) series by Thomson/West is the most comprehensive set of annotated law reports. The series currently comprises seven series: ALR 1st, ALR 2nd, ALR 3rd, ALR 4th, ALR 5th, ALR 6th, and ALR Federal and ALR Federal 2d.

Cities, city codes, home rule charters, municipal codes. Codes, boroughs, Cities, Counties and Townships codes (From General Code Advantage) Constitution, prof. Ledewitz Site plus. Consumer Information, pennsylvania Bar Association Pamphlets. Contracts, corporation, law, filing fees, registration of corporations.