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Embed R data visualizations in Microsoft Reporting Services

Great article, quick read that includes all the key points to get up and running quickly. I wrote this post.  It provides step-by-step instructions for creating a branded invoice or quot; that you can upload to CRM and use for delivering these types of documents to your clients. Just look through their lists, read the reviews and find one that you are comfortable with.  The book I purchased was a great reference for getting started but as the custom report requests I received became more complex, I had to dig deeper for specific answers to my how to questions. 

Please note, you need this custom report template to be copied on all of the report development machines wherever you want to use it for new report creation. Using Custom Report Template, once you are done with placing custom report template at the appropriate location it will start showing up as a template on the New Item/Report Dialog box. With this, you can ensure consistent report layout across departments of the organization. Creating a Custom Report Template, creating a custom report template is no different than creating a new report; the only exception is the placement of the report template that you created in the appropriate location so that it appears as a template on the New Item/Report dialog. Join SQL groups on LinkedIn.  There are several to choose from. There are a significant number of SQL experts on Twitter who are happy to help you with a specific question.

I generally always remove the select top 10000 record limitation from the query as this is a limitation applied through Advanced Find for performance and other reasons.  One nice discovery of this particular query is the use of the dbo.

A report part is basically a report item that can be used in headers and footers of the custom report template; usage of report part maintains a link and provides an update notification mechanism to all the users of the report part. I frequently come across posts in the Microsoft Dynamics Community Forums from people who have various questions regarding building and modifying custom reports for CRM.  The good news is that, yes, you can do it.