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Order TWO cover letter templates for just 14! Go here to see those. Does writing a cover letter intimidate you? Are you unsure of where to start?  How to finish?  What to focus on?

If you are applying for a position as an editor, include only those skills and experience most applicable to that field. Any other information weakens your application. 3. Form letters. Mass mailings (in which you send a general form letter to a large number of employers) are not recommended. Also, since you are requesting an employer's consideration, your letter shouldn't include personal preferences or demands. Leave the interviewing specifics to the hiring manager's discretion. Defer a discussion of vacation time and other company benefits until after you are hired. 18. Omitted signature : Don't forget to personalize your letter by signing your name at the end. Use conservative script and either blue or black ink. Back to top.

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The difference determines who will get the job offer! Cover Letter Blunders To Avoid 1. Unrelated career goals : Tailor your cover letter to the specific position for which you are applying. Every cover letter should include the following three points : 1 your objectives. Are you applying for a specific job, trying to get an interview or simply hoping to discuss general opportunities at that organization?